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Stamp DutyStamp Duty

Stamp Duty

See the stamp duty, mortgage duty, transfer and registration fees that have to be paid for each state.

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Loan ComparisonLoan Comparison

Loan Comparison

Compare two different loans including all costs such as monthly fees, discharge costs and upfront fees.

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What Can I Borrow?What Can I Borrow?

What Can I Borrow?

Not sure how much house you can afford? Find out here to see what you may be able to borrow.

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Basic Loan RepaymentsBasic Loan Repayments

Basic Loan Repayments

4 different loan scenarios. See how your payments can vary by reducing the term of your loan.

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Achieve Savings TargetAchieve Savings Target

Achieve Savings Target

This calculator can show you how to achieve your savings target with set deposits and interest rate.

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Extra RepaymentsExtra Repayments

Extra Repayments

Making extra repayments on your loan can save you thousands of dollars and years off your loan.

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How Long to Repay?How Long to Repay?

How Long to Repay?

See how long it will take you to repay your loan with your current repayments using this calculator.

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What Can I Afford?What Can I Afford?

What Can I Afford?

Work out what you can afford to borrow with your current income and market rates.

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Lump Sum PaymentLump Sum Payment

Lump Sum Payment

See the impact making a lump sum payment can have on your home loan.  An alternative to term deposits.

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P & I / Interest OnlyP & I / Interest Only

P & I / Interest Only

Handy tool when deciding whether to pay off interest only or principal and interest.

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Reverse MortgageReverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage is a loan used to release the equity in your property as a lump sum or multiple payments.

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A handy tool to calculate how much your money could be earning you at a set interest rate.

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Split LoanSplit Loan

Split Loan

Calculate the benefits of splitting your loan into fixed and variable interest rates.

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Income TaxIncome Tax

Income Tax

Work out how much income tax you are liable to pay based on your salary range.

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Car LeaseCar Lease

Car Lease

Calculate your monthly car lease repayments and how soon your lease will end, including residual value.

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Remaining BalanceRemaining Balance

Remaining Balance

Show the effect on the equity in your property when making decisions about taking out a reverse mortgage.

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