A wide selection of lenders

A wide selection of lenders

by admin4WP

Impartial and tailored, strategic financial solutions.

With access to finance solutions from over 30 lenders including all the major banks, plus wealth protection and management strategies from all the major insurance and superannuation companies, we provide an impartial and tailored, strategic solution for all your finance needs.  We focus on what your needs and wants are, using our experience and insight to provide a solution that will be relevant and suitable in the longer term.


We navigate through the myriad of choices to research a tailored solution for you, fully explained so you can compare apples with apples not oranges. Our review process will identify any areas of your debt portfolio and wealth protection that could be improved upon, or gaps that need to be addressed. We provide a stress free experience by managing the whole property purchase or refinance process for you, while communicating with you from the start to settlement and beyond. You will have a dedicated Total Choice client relationship manager who will look after you and be directly contactable for any queries throughout the process.