How we will assist you

How we will assist you

by admin4WP

Total Choice Home Loans guides you seamlessly through the steps in getting a home or investment property. We help you to work out how much you can borrow and to find a suitable loan from an initial consultation, detailed analysis and recommendations. We prepare and lodge the application and liaise with the lender to get a full Pre-approval for finance. Then when you find a property our Customer Support team guides you and your loan through to final settlement on your home or investment property.

Step 1 – Providing the necessary documents

We make the process as simple and smooth as possible for you.
Once you have made an appointment with us, we call you to ensure you have the documentation required.

To get an idea of the information required, see our “Your Needs” page under ‘Applying for your loan’.

Step 2 – Working out how much you can afford to borrow

Our consultant will assess your total borrowing capacity based on your current financial situation. However, if you want a general idea, try our home loan calculators.

Step 3 – Helping you find the home loan suitable for you

Each person has unique requirements and financial situations when applying for a home loan. Total Choice offers expert advice by using Loan Qualifier software that assesses hundreds of home loan products to help you find one that best suits your situation.

When structuring your home loan it’s important to look at what is best for you now as well as in the future. We must look at your future plans as they can have an effect on your ability to repay the loan. You also need to ensure you have protected the loan with insurance in case you become sick or have an injury.

We assist you with the completion of documents before you submit your home loan application and supporting documents to the lender of your choice. We keep you up to date with the progress and approval of your application, and we are available to assist you with the execution of the mortgage documents.

We are in touch with you every step of the way.

Step 4 – Choosing a Solicitor / Settlement Agent

Once you have had an offer accepted for the purchase of a house it’s time to get a Solicitor or Conveyancer.

We now complete the formal application for finance approval, liaising with the real estate agent, settlement agent and you.

Step 5 – Signing documentation

Once we have obtained formal finance approval, your settlement agent will prepare transfer documentation and we will assist you to complete all loan documentation and signing of forms.

Step 6 – Pre-settlement and Settlement day

The Total Choice Team will assist you to ensure the settlement is booked with the settlement teams, that the payout figures are correct, the fees are correct and that you know everything you need to do to ensure you have a smooth settlement.

Within a few weeks of the signing of documentation, your settlement agent will confirm a settlement date and the loan will settle the same day the property is transferred into your ownership.

Total Choice Home Loans support team members will ensure a smooth process during this time. We will also keep in touch post settlement to ensure you have the direct debits and other features set up correctly. We will be available in the future as your Trusted Adviser when you need us.

Step 7 – Post Settlement support

The Total Choice Team also support you post settlement with any queries you have with your new loan , possibly new lender.  We check the offset account and credit cards are set up correctly, email you to confirm your direct debit amount and AC and check in a few weeks post settlement to ensure you have everything set up .

We also act as a go between with the lender in case there is anything else you need set up or assistance with.   We also have an annual check in process with you , and check your loan rate and product is still competitive and appropriate for your needs.  Often over time your needs and the financial product and loan rates will change and so we will be available to review your loan product and rate anytime.  We do not charge you a fee, we only ask if you have a great experience to pass on our name to your friends and family so that we can assist others like you.